5 minutes to Herăstrău Park
3,000 sqm private garden
Integrated smart home system
Underfloor heating system
Charging stations for electric cars
Ana-Maria Cioclei, Marketing & Sales Coordinator: “We advise the client from the first meeting until the apartment’s handover”

When it comes to what customers in Parcului20 appreciate the most, a residential project developed by Cordia Romania, part of the Futureal group, in the Expoziției area, when it comes to the interaction with the sales and marketing team, Ana Cioclei, marketing & sales coordinator, acknowledges the role of transparency.
“Customers’ interactions with me usually occur in the phase in which they have already made the decision to buy and we meet for the last details. I think transparency is our strong point. I think it is very important today to be transparent. The meetings with the final client from Parcului20 always start with a smile and end the same way. In our sales office on Expoziției Boulevard number 2, the customer feels safe and confident from the first interaction with us. The way the project is presented, through the 3D application, makes our client see the project in a realistic way and discern its advantages. The chemistry that the clients have with the broker who takes care of them is also very important, and in this respect we are very lucky, our sales team is experienced and adapts to the client’s needs. We are not just sellers, we are more than that, we advise customers from the first meeting until the apartment’s handover, through our after sales department”, says Ana-Maria Cioclei.

With a portfolio of more than 600 apartments traded in her residential sales career since 2008, “a long-term relationship with real estate,” as she describes it, Ana-Maria Cioclei says she has always considered that sales and marketing are like Yin & Yang, they complement each other and that they can’t work without each other.
“It’s a new beginning and a different stage in my career that I enjoyed ever since my arrival in the Cordia Romania team. I have always been attracted to marketing activities, but I have not been involved as I am now. I have a beautiful collaboration with my colleagues, we complement each other and each of us has his role in the Parcului20 team, in order to offer a maximum of services to our clients ”, explains Ana-Maria Cioclei. And because she brought the client in question, Ana-Maria Cioclei mentions that today he is much more educated and better informed about the realities in the real estate market compared to the period when she started her career in residential sales.

“The one I met at the beginning of my career was like “a teenager in love”, he didn’t necessarily think in perspective, he was living the moment. The buyer now is much more educated about the realities of the real estate market, he gives himself more time to buy an apartment and he asks more questions, in conclusion the “teenager” has matured and this can only make us happy”, says Ana-Maria Cioclei.

In this context, Ana’s joy is even greater when clients appreciate the characteristics and strengths of the Parcului20 condominium.
“Parcului20 is a well thought-out project. It combines all the needs of today’s customer and keeps up with technology, as seen in our integrated Smart Home package. We like greenery and we brought it closer to us in a private garden of over 3,000 square meters. We like the feeling of safety, which is why we will have a 100% secure condominium”, points out Ana-Maria Cioclei.


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These days Parcului20 team will continue its activity online and will answer to all of your requests via phone, e-mail or web. Visits can be set, but only after a phone discussion and with all the protective measures recommended by authorities.

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